Feiyue Launch recap…

The event hosted by Melbourne creative juggernaut ACCLAIM built a display to show case Feiyue’s products and other works of art.  We’ve sent PlusSixOne’s Melbourne correspondent Norman Roxas to cover the event.  With Feiyue’s spirit of creative collaboration, four Australian artists have been invited to create their own Feiyue reinventions to exhibit alongside the Asian installations at the event. Australian artists involved are Brisbane artist Haw and Drewfunk, Tom Vincent and Prizm all from Melbourne.  PlusSixOne would like to thank Acclaim Magazine for inviting us to this exclusive event.

Photos by Norman Roxas

Feiyue coming soon!!!

Feiyue is coming to Australia!  Stay tuned for more info on the official launch/release of this new sneaker in the Australian market.

Excerpt from the Feiyue “Bible”:

Feiyue is a French company whose head office is located in Paris.  Originally from Asia, for 4 years Feiyue has been creating sneakers under the Feiyue brand, distributing them in France and 20 countries around the world.  France is currently Feiyue’s main market and its secondary markets are Europe, Asia and the United States.  The philosophy of the brand is to explore new territories and create new products that are in harmony with its values, with a strong commitment to being accessible to all.

Feiyue literally means “Flying Forward” Today, the name is the only remaining link between the brand and its Asian origins, since everything is now done in Paris.  Full of meaning and difficult to pronounce or understand, it shows that the brand does not deny its roots, even though it is naturally moving away from them.

Click image above to download Andre Feiyue Press Release

Facebook and Twitter Adidas concept shoes by Gerry Mckay

Glasgow based designer Gerry Mckay drafted this concept designs for a Facebook and Twitter Adidas sneakers.  Remember this shoes are just concepts and not available for sale.  Gerry was interested in how an Adidas Superstars would look if they were released in limited edition Facebook and Twitter colourways.

Courtesy of Mashable

BlackBerry Style 9670 Commercial – Featuring Jesse Villanueva

Blackberry is targetting the youth consumer market with their new STYLE 9670 flip phone.  Their advertising campaign featuring Jesse Villanueva of ARC.  It shows Jesse showing off his Blackberry in his daily routines and of course showing off his extensive sneaker collection and representing ALIFE because he’s the manager of the ALIFE Rivington Club.

Crooks & Castle – Redfoot

Crooks & Castle‘s first footwear collection.  This is Crooks’ first attempt in the shoe game.  Not including their collaborations with other brands but this is their first time doing it on their own.  The sneakers are simple, one colour, made in canvas, leather and suede.  And of course a choice of high tops or low tops.  A straight forward classic design that never ages or goes out of fashion.  Take note of the RedFoot edition serial number around the heel of the shoes.

The Crooks & Castle Footwear is available now at its flagship store on Sunset Blvd. and selected retailers.

Pictures courtesy of Freshnessmag.com and Crooks & Castles

Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte III Navy-Aqua

Ronnie Fieg showsoff the latest colourway of the Asics Gel Lyte III.  The sneakers follows a simple theme with alot of navy blue and aqua shades.  More details will be release very very soon.  And of course what better compliments this sneakers – the beautiful model Joli Robinson.  Sneaker + Model = HOTNESS!!!

Courtesy of freshness.mag and Ronnie Fieg's Blog

Jeff Staple’s 50 Favourite Sneakers

Jeff Staple has always stimulated the way street culture functioned.  From his design work with labels like Nike, Apple, Burton, and many more, there is only a few people that can influence things worldwide.

Jeff Staple been a sneaker collector since back in the days, before we all even got into the sneaker collecting game.  Because of his influence in the graphic design community and his experience he definitely knows what makes a sneaker noteworthy – working with Marc Ecko’s Complex Magazine – this is what he’s come out with.

Also check out his website: www.stapledesign.com

Courtesy of Complex Magazine