Stacy Gray



On Hot4s Stacy Gray was an insanely sexy girl next door and in Zoo Magazine we saw a sexier Stacy and thank God she answered our call to become the newest PlusSixOne feature girl.


PlusSixOne:  Thanks for answering our call or rather email.   Tell us a little about yourself?

Stacy: I grew up in a tiny beach town on the South Coast NSW, and I’ve lived within walking distance of the beach my whole life. I love animals, traveling and spending time with my boyfriend, family and friends. I like to have an exciting, busy life where I try lots of new things. That’s why I love modelling, it’s always a new and exciting experience.


PlusSixOne: What was your first ever gig as a model model?

Stacy: When I was 15 I was a hair model at a local Bridal Expo, but my first step into the modelling industry was as a Promotional Model for Jim Beam and Canadian Club last year.


PlusSixOne: So how was it doing your first ever PlusSixOne shoot?

Stacy: I absolutely loved it! Firstly, I loved everything I wore, and the fashion is so easy to work with because it’s sexy, fun, cheeky, very easy to play around with poses. The whole team was very cool and easy to get along with, and the studio atmosphere was a very fun and relaxed one. I had an awesome day!


PlusSixOne:  Were you nervous?  Because we were nervous meeting you the first time…

Stacy: No just excited!


PlusSixOne: Well you were pretty down to earth and easy to get along with so that made it easy.  So what are you best assets?

Stacy: Hmm physically? Probably my boobs and my smile, I get embarrassed talking about myself haha! And non-physically, I’d say the fact that I’m very fun-loving and down to earth.


PlusSixOne: We all know that you have a boyfriend but if you were single how should a guy go about approaching you?

Stacy: Definitely with confidence, the shy guy isn’t going to get my attention. Confidence is sexy!


PlusSixOne: What do you look for in a man?

Stacy: I like a guy I can have fun with, makes me laugh, above all else is my best mate, and knows how lucky he is to have me ;)


PlusSixOne:  Favourite Film?

Stacy: I love Disney Movies haha! But also The Girl Nextdoor and Into The Wild.


PlusSixOne: Favourite Food?

Stacy: Icecream!


PlusSixOne: ICECREAM!!  We were expecting salad or something healthy! :)   Ok, favourite music?

Stacy: I love all different kinds of music, from rap to acoustic. It’s good to change it up.


PlusSixOne: High Heels or Sneakers?

Stacy: High heels!


PlusSixOne: Perfect night out?

Stacy: Dinner and drinks with my boyfriend and all of my friends, then into the city for good music and lots of dancing.


PlusSixOne: Perfect night in?

Stacy: Pjs, movies and cups of tea!


PlusSixOne: Any last words for your fans out there?

Stacy: I hope you enjoy my shoot with PlusSixOne as much as I did!! xxx




Photo/Video shoot organised and directed by Inkbots Creative

Photography and Videography by REC Studios and GDZHTM Melbourne