New Era – Limited Edition Collaboration Snap-backs (New Era X China Heights)

New Era Australia has initiated two collaborative releases just in time for Christmas with each design limited to 200 units.

The first of the two collaborative releases sees New Era working with Sydney born, Tokyobased graphic artist Mark Drew. A video interview with Mark Drew has been released in conjunction with the Limited Edition caps.

Each of the local collaborating teams – Mark Drew and Melbourne’s Saint Side – were given free reign to develop their design for iconic baseball cap brand New Era.  Both teams elected to work with the classic 950 snap-back silhouette.

Mark’s design features the slogan ‘No Money, No Wife’ which humourously flips a popular marketing slogan for Japan’s Tower Records; ‘No Music, No Life’.

The Limited Edition Mark Drew New Era is available in Black and Gold (primary release) and Black/White/Grey (available at Launch Event only) for RRP $60 exclusively from  Sydney’s Half Sleeve.

Information for the Saint Side release and the accompanying video interview will be released late November.

Mark Drew New Era Launch Event and Photographic Exhibition: 6PM Friday December 9, 2011 | China Heights Gallery Surry Hills, NSW.


About Mark Drew:

Mark Drew is a renowned graphic artist with a credible history in independent zine publishing and other endeavours within Sydney’s underground culture.

Mark is best known for his role as co-founder and long-time curator of Sydney’s China Heights Gallery, a position that he held until his relocation to Tokyo two years ago. Mark’s work continues to garner international recognition and is in constant demand as an exhibiting artist and commercial designer.  Visit Mark Drew’s website here.