Maya Kaneko

Maya’s been known to the PlusSixOne crew for awhile now.  We’ve worked with her in the past from car shows to clubbing events.  So when she contacted us about getting featured, we didn’t even think twice…  So here we present MAYA KANEKO.


PlusSixOne: Tell us a little about yourself?

Maya: My name is Maya Kaneko and I’m a Japanese Aussie girl living in Sydney. I make glasses by day and by night, I jump around on podiums being a gogo dancer. I drive a pink car and I also cook and sing in my spare time!

PlusSixOne: Some of the PlusSixOne crew have worked with you before when they used to organise event. You are quite popular in the Australian Import Model/GoGo scene how did you get into that? How did you get started in that scene?

Maya: Well thats nice you think I’m popular! Thanks! Well a few years ago Jeri Lee and Nikita Esco came down under and they hosted a search for gogo dancers. Back then we didn’t have gogo dancers around here so it was a pretty big deal for me. I’ve always wanted to dance but I thought you had to be trained to be a podium dancer. I entered the comp and won and the rest was history.

PlusSixOne: Oh yes, we remember the those days.  Jeri Lee and Nikita Esco was great.  It was good that this two Import Model icons inspired local Aussie talent.  So what was your first ever gig as a model?

Maya: Autosalon when I was 19. If that counts!

PlusSixOne: We remember the Autosalon days aswell.  I think we’ve seen you there a few times.  Those were the good days.  So what was your first ever gig as a GoGo dancer?

Maya: Residency at UN Nightclub on Oxford St. It’s not there anymore… but I’ve lost count on how many places I’ve danced now.

PlusSixOne: How was it doing your first ever PlusSixOne shoot?

Maya: AWESOME! So professional, organised, and so much fun! Thanks so much for having me! And I’ve never told you this but I absolutely love the name of the brand. I love how it represents Australia. It’s so clever!

PlusSixOne: We’re glad that you understood what we represent.  There is alot of brands out there from other countries but I think Aussie designed clothing are equal or even better than the overseas ones.  Were you nervous?

Maya: Usually I never get nervous…but this time I did because Biannca Rose is one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen so I felt like I had giant shoes to fill!

PlusSixOne: You did great!!  You have your own special look so yeah, your unique in your own way.  What are you best assets?

Maya: I would say my babyface, my hair and… Can I say ass? I just did. Hahaha.

PlusSixOne:  We know that you have a boyfriend but if you were single how should a guy go about approaching you?

Maya: I’m very much in love so this is a hard one to answer… but good manners are big in my books. Don’t be sleazy, stalker-like, or rude and I’ll show the same respect back.

PlusSixOne: What do you look for in a man?

Maya: Lucky for me I’ve found it already! Intelligence, a great sense of humor, and someone who can accept what I do without judging me for it. It’s hard to find a man who’s ok with their girlfriend being a gogo dancer!

PlusSixOne: Favourite Film?

Maya: The Hangover, House Bunny, and all the X-men movies. I’m kind of a nerd like that.

PlusSixOne: We love nerdy girls ;)  How about favourite food?

Maya: Greek Food! I love to cook it too. And I have an obsession with chips. Both hot chips and potato chips. I think I have a salt addiction.

PlusSixOne: Favourite Music?

Maya: Old school RnB. You know the slow, love song dedication stuff. Boyz II Men, Brian Mcknight, Mariah Carey….And clubbing music from about 5 years ago. It was a little bit slower, sexier, and less electro sounding. I also like hardstyles at the moment too.

PlusSixOne: High Heels or Sneakers?

Maya: Sneakers! Heels hurt and I’m tall enough!

PlusSixOne: Perfect night out?

Maya: Being with good company with good food, warm enough so I don’t need a coat, and maybe a little bit of dancing!

PlusSixOne: Perfect night in?

Maya: Sleeping for 20 hours. No joke I think I’m a koala. I love snuggling in bed!

PlusSixOne: 20 HOURS!!!  That’s a whole day!!! :)  Any last words for your fans out there?

Maya: Thank you so much for all the support! It’s so great to see so much love from everyone when I work. Show respect, honour, and loyalty to the people you come across. Treat others how you want to be treated. Believe in yourself 100%, ignore the haters and don’t let anybody bring you down. Then all the good things will follow. True story. <3


Photographer: Christian Sabado